Welcome to the Trendy Thrift Shop for kids. My name is Laura and I am a mum to two beautiful children, Maisy and Harry. 

When I was expecting I was really fortunate to be given lots of essential baby equipment and clothes from friends that were passed on in immaculate condition. Now I am looking at these items thinking who can I pass these to? I have been able to pass some items to family and friends and it makes me so happy to see these items being enjoyed and used by another baby.

With both children, we received lots of clothes as gifts and in some instances, these were worn once or not at all for various reasons. 


This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop-shop for quality second-hand baby and maternity items in excellent condition for like-minded parents.

I hope you can join me on this journey to create a fun space to extend the lifecycle of preloved items, change the perception of shopping second hand and shop sustainably.


Here at Trendy Thrift Shop for kids, we want to provide an interactive space for parents, carer’s, friends and family to sell and buy quality second-hand children’s clothes (0-12), essential baby items and toys, and maternity wear that are in excellent condition at a fair price.  


Creating a win-win situation- declutter your home stress-free from the items that aren’t of value, gain money from your items, shop at a reasonable price and make a positive contribution towards the planet for our children’s future.